Smarten Up Your Home with These Convenient Smart Products


Even if you aren’t into smart tech, some of these devices may change that.

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Smart products are sweeping the nation as more people look for devices that allow them to put less effort into daily tasks (cue the smart vacuum!) And due to their steady rise in popularity, smart products have now become easier to navigate and less expensive – good news for those who aren’t tech-savvy.

From window shades that open at a designated time, to a smart scale that links to your phone, these devices put an interesting twist on your everyday activities. Plus, with smart trash cans that basically take the trash out themselves, you’ll have more time for the gym!

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Cool or warm either side of your bed in seconds with the BedJet. Clinically proven to improve sleep, the BedJet also removes sweat and body moisture from your bed helping you sleep in clean comfort all night long.

Buy It: $379,

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Yeedi smart vacuum

With 200 hours of running time, this self-emptying smart vacuum is designed for effective and rapid whole-floor cleaning. The visual mapping technology and floor tracking sensor traces your space like a GPS leaving behind the worry of baseboard scratches.

Buy It: $499,

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QardioBase X

Touch Screen Smart Mirror

Browse the web, watch videos, read emails and listen to music on this full-length sleek, and smart mirror. With four integrated speakers and full touchscreen control, you can hide the display and use it as a traditional mirror any time you want.

Buy It: $799,

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SwitchBot Smart Remote

Connect all of your home devices in one app. From your Television to your air conditioner, with one simple voice command, you can control all of your SwitchBot devices and home appliances.

Buy It: $39,

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QardioBase X

QardioBase X

With modes ranging from “athlete” to “pregnancy,” this smart scale is set to keep your health goals on track. All of your important body weight measurements are synced with your phone making the tracking of your body composition and health goals, conveniently easy.

Buy It: $129,

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Kasa Smart Dimmer Switch

Customize and control the brightness of your home with a simple voice command.

Schedule your lights to turn on before returning home from work while setting dimming timers in the evening to help you wind down.

Buy It: $20,

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Graywind Smart Shades

“Alexa, open the shades” is all it requires to open and shut your shades. The solar roller shades are fire-proof and water-proof while offering UV protection.

Buy It: $160,

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Govee Glide RGBIC LED Wall Lights

Perfect for a home gym setting, these smart LED-colored lights work with Alexa to bring your atmosphere a chill vibe. With the ability to display 57 colors, a simple voice command will allow you to control the brightness and colors of the lights.

Buy It: $89,

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Echo (4th Gen) Speakers

Voice control your music for epic workouts with the Echo (4th Gen) speakers. Set timers, reminders, and alarms and connect to other hands-free devices.

Buy It: $75,

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Lomi Smart Composter

You don’t have to be a seasoned farmer to compost. Reduce food waste while keeping pests, rodents, and rotten smells at bay with the Lomi smart composter. Simply toss your food scraps into the compost bin and let it do the work for you.

Buy It: $76 (with subscription) and up,

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Phillips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light

Gone are the days when a jarring alarm wakes you out of a peaceful slumber. With Phillips Smart sleep you’ll experience a soft, calming “wake-up” light in the morning, and relaxing lighting and sounds to help you wind down at night.Buy It: $149,

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Townew Smart Trash Can

With motion sensor technology that conveniently pops the lid up for you keeping your hands germ-free, this smart trash detects when it is too full and self-seals your trash bags.

Buy It: $120,

Written by SJ McShane

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