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DM M&F: Lauralie Chapados Shares Her Secrets for Tighter Abs


Lauralie Chapados has had an incredible 2022 season thus far. After winning both the Bikini International and Pittsburgh Pro, the native of Canada is considered by many to be the No. 1 contender to Jennifer Dorie at the 2022 Bikini Olympia this December in Las Vegas.

Because of her success, many people admire Chapado’s physique, especially her abs and overall midsection. They want to know the secrets to her success. That’s why Frank Sepe dove into the M&F DMs on Instagram to find questions for Chapados, and she didn’t hold back in sharing her tips for success. Chapados went above and beyond by sharing multiple tips regarding nutrition, which is often overlooked when it comes to reaching full potential.

What would you recommend for someone trying to tighten up their midsection?

So, the secret to a small midsection? One, I would say checking digestion. Any type of food that makes you inflamed, bloated, try to stay away from them.

Drink a lot of water Keep yourself hydrated in all possible ways. If you don’t like water, just squeeze it piece of lemon in it. They also have little single crystal light. Just drink a lot of water. I drink personally a gallon of water a day at least.

Third, and most important of all, sleep. Sleep is very important and it does make the trip for your midsection and it does make the trick for your midsection.

Of course, keeping a clean diet with clean ingredients that makes your body work, your body feel good. And then you can add crunches and training, but most of all 80% of the job is really hydration, sleep and the food keeping yourself away from food that gets bloated and keeping a clean and healthy diet.

Find out if Chapados can reach the summit of her division at the Olympia by going to the Zappos Theatre in Las Vegas, Dec. 15-18, or if you can’t be in Las Vegas, go to to order the 2022 Olympia pay-per-view.

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