lululemon Diaper Bag

lululemon Diaper Bag

Whether you’re a seasoned parent, a new parent, or just a person who wants a backpack that “just makes sense,” lululemon’s Diaper Bag AKA New Parent Backpack is a 10/10 bag.

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As a new mom who has tried a handful of diaper bags for both everyday kid usage and travel, I can tell you that lululemon’s New Parent Backpack is at the very top of my list. Not only is it extremely comfortable and sleek-looking (it comes in 3 colors!), but this diaper bag was impeccably designed for the busy parent who carries around a lot of stuff, and I mean a lot things.

Top lululemon Diaper Bag Features

Both Emily and I have been using this bag since it came out in early 2023 and this New Parent Bag review is based on our personal experience with it. When I tell you we’ve used this bag every single day since the day we bought them, I mean it!

  • 2 bags in one: Not only do you get the diaper bag itself, but it also comes with a smaller crossbody bag that perfectly fits a diaper and wipes. BONUS: I’ve also used the smaller bag as a normal, everyday purse, which really gives you your bang for your buck.
  • Includes a changing pad: the fact that the New Parent Backpack includes a changing pad means I don’t have to buy an extra one!
  • 2 exterior bottle pockets: I always carry extra bottles and water bottles around with me and I love that this bag has 2 specific spots for bottles that are big enough for a water bottle.
  • Multiple interior pockets: I love that the inside of this bag is one large compartment outlined with smaller mesh pockets. I use these pockets for snacks and different baby products such as lotion, butt cream, and SPF.
  • Stroller/luggage strap: this feature doesn’t go unnoticed! We travel a lot and it came in handy at the airport when I had to carry my son’s car seat on my back. I just strapped it right to our luggage and was good to go!
  • Adjustable straps: like the rest of lululemon’s backpacks, the straps are adjustable, so it fits a range of body types.

Lululemon diaper bag set - emerald green.


New Parent Backpack

This is the perfect diaper bag for busy parents who carry around a lot of “stuff.” It’s the perfect size and has all of the compartments you need.

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Other Amazing Features

  • Water-repellent: living in the Midwest, having a bag that is water-repellent is essential. We got caught in the rain on a hike and the fabric did its job to protect everything inside.
  • Comes in 3 colors: right now you can find the New Parent Backpack in 3 colors. I have dark forest, Emily has black, and it also comes in asphalt grey.
  • Multi-purpose: There is a large pocket on the inside that fits the changing pad that I have used for my laptop, which makes this bag extremely versatile and perfect for someone who doesn’t want to use it as a diaper bag.
A woman holding a green bag in front of a wall.

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