Saying Goodbye to a Decade of Breaking Muscle


It’s been 10 years since Breaking Muscle began. When I first started, I wrote about what was interesting to me at the time because I couldn’t find the information anywhere else. I was interested in yoga, CrossFit, Russian kettlebell training, MMA, and then that lead me to weightlifting and gymnastics, but most of the specialist press was about bodybuilding and physique, with very little else. What was interesting to me and Breaking Muscle was niche and difficult to find and definitely not mainstream.

We were not trying to sell a brand or a system. It was always about the science of training, the technique, the programming, and the minds that were shaping the industry. Over 5 million people a month visited the site, hundreds of thousands of them followed us on social media, nearly 2,000 coaches wrote or appeared on our pages, we gave away thousands of training plans, and the site won numerous awards in the industry. I think we found that the mainstream was just as curious and interested as we were in new adventures in strength and conditioning.

So, I look back on all of Breaking Muscle’s achievements with pride but I never expected any of it. For me, it was always about the knowledge, the coaches and trainers, and the possibility to try new things. I measure the success of the site by its influence and reach over the years in helping to promote barbells, kettlebells, box gyms, strongman, CrossFit, yoga, MMA, triathlons, obstacle course racing, Olympic weightlifting, natural movement, and all kinds of eclectic training practices.

Soon, my youngest child will start first grade, and the oldest has just begun graduate school, and I am finishing my doctorate in psychology. My time is best spent on my family and my desire to pursue new educational opportunities. Frankly, in the last two years or so, I have not had the time necessary for Breaking Muscle. I found that online culture is driven so much by social media that it wasn’t comfortable to be leading the publication anymore because I had and have no interest in being on Facebook or Instagram or any of the other apps out there. I have known for some time that a change was needed.

Don’t get me wrong, I will be eternally grateful for the experience of Breaking Muscle and the many dedicated fitness and health professionals I met through the site. Today, however, I am happy to hand off the responsibility of running Breaking Muscle to the team at BarBend. I am rooting for them to succeed and to continue building on the foundations of the site. They will, no doubt, take it in bold new directions and, I hope, reach a new generation and audience with the same passion and curiosity.

So, thank you for supporting Breaking Muscle. And, thank you for being a part of the ride. I leave the site with nothing but positive thoughts and good wishes.

Mindith Rahmat


Breaking Muscle

Breaking Muscle is one of the world’s most reputable and beloved fitness websites. That’s an impressive and important legacy. As content creators passionate about strength and wellness, we at BarBend are honored to lead the site in the next chapter of its evolution. We take Breaking Muscle’s legacy and reputation seriously, and in the coming years, we hope to build upon and honor Mindith Rahmat’s amazing work supporting strength fans around the globe.

There’s something very personal about this change. As with millions of readers, Breaking Muscle has been an important resource for my own strength journey. And as with any change, our vision for Breaking Muscle will take some time to plan and realize; for the time being, much will remain the same as we gradually roll out a new reader experience. I speak for the full BarBend team in saying we’re excited about not only what this site has achieved in 10 years, but for what is yet to come.

David Tao

Co-Founder and CEO, BarBend

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